Why pigeon control is a serious issue?

Pigeons like to inhabit places where there can have access to plenty of food and water. Their favorite places to make nests are usually ledges, bridges, rooftops, warehouses etc. Watching a pigeon occasionally on your window pane is a fancy idea. You might love it.

But, encountering a large flight of pigeons on a daily basis around your home or workplace can become a nightmare. Pigeon droppings and nestlings can create problematic situations.

  1. Nests are flammable – The more the number of pigeons around you, the more the amount of nests. As nests are made up of twigs and dried straws, they constantly pose a fire danger. Such materials are flammable and can quickly catch fire.
  2. Noise Pollution – Noisy ambience is often irritating especially in commercial complexes where utmost concentration is needed. When a huge amount pigeons flock around you, then it is obvious that they will make a lot of noise with their cooing. If such phenomenon takes place in a commercial complex, it can hamper the smooth functioning of work in offices. Even around residential places, such kinds of noises are unwanted. No one would want to sleep when there is constant bird noise.
  3. Dirty Exteriors – The worst part of having pigeons all around you is Pigeon Droppings. If you are running a prestigious organization, then having such kind of messy, feather and dropping filled exterior all around you can be unappealing for your business. It can also have a negative impact on your business, as it will distract the customers.
  4. Health Scare Pigeon droppings also pose a health danger as it can carry up to 60 types of transmittable diseases.
  5. Damage to Ventilation – When pigeons make ventilation systems their homes, they block its smooth functioning. Apart from disrupting ventilation, such kind of blockages can become a breeding ground for various diseases.
  6. Roof Damage – Pigeon Droppings have a very high acidic content. When they keep on accumulating for a considerable period, they damage the roofs. Such that, there are roof leaks.
  7. Damage to machines – Pigeon droppings around machinery such as air conditioners or industrial equipment take a toll on its efficiency due to its high acidic content.

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