Our Services

We have a wide range of services. We specialise in serving our clients in the residential as well as corporate domains. Have a look at various services by CONCIERGE SERVICES and hire the one you need.

Our basic services for the residential sector include Laundry, Cleaning, Household help, and Babysitting. We have a team of reliable maids and cleaning staff, who are registered with us as employees. Clients can seek details about the people working for them.

Other services, which are popular, are shopping for groceries and arranging for Medical aid. The clients need to give prior intimation in case they need to shop for specific goods. Under medical aid, our team arranges for visits to the doctor, shops for medicine, and ensures prompt medical attention in case of any emergency situation. We also have a team of nurses to look after patients at home round the clock.

The services for Catering for parties and Tiffin services are catered to both domestic as well as corporate clients. We have tie ups with reputed caterers and restaurants, which supply food for all occasions, like birthday parties, kitty parties, marriage parties and corporate get together. The Tiffin service ensures homemade food for people who stay away from their home. It is healthy and hygienic.  Train and air ticket booking services are also common for both corporate and residential clients.