Our Team

You will get introduced to the well-mannered and skilled team at CONCIERGE SERVICES when you hire any of our services. Our team is our strength, as we focus on working with the most efficient people. Our selection is rigorous, as we employ educated and skilled people. Then, our staff members go through a training regime, over a month. Apart from teaching the most appropriate way of working, we also train our team members in soft skills, so that they interact with our clients courteously.

There are professional trainers who help to groom our team members. They have valuable experience of working with concierge services in USA and UK. They have handled teams of more than 50 people and effectively coordinate with all employees. When you hire a service, our expert mentors choose the most suitable person to serve you and assign them along with their complete details. You can always contact the person through phone when you have some emergency.

We know that clients value good behaviour and want reliable people. Hence, we also do a background check of all employees before inducting them. Their previous employers and other records are checked and police verification is done.

With our team, clients rarely get a chance to complain. Still if you have some issues you wish to get resolved, feel free to contact our service managers at service@ conciergeservices.in.