Do concierge services require training?

Concierge service is one field which is often looked down but requires a lot of talent, multitasking ability and dedication. Although the hotels and corporate are the known organizations which use concierge services there are many other opportunities within the field. Last year, a research conducted by a group of experts found out that the concierge services industry has been growing steadily over the past decade. Although the job looks simple it requires a lot of interpersonal skills and presentation skills. Although a concierge does not require formal training, a few training programs will help people in nurturing the already existing skills and learn more required for the job. Most of the concierges or aspirants learn skills while working only. Although there are no full time educational programs for concierge services training, a few certificate programs and part time courses are available. Very few local community colleges or universities provide certificate programs. But most of these certificate programs are aimed at experienced concierges who aim to work at luxury resorts and five star hotels.

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Apart from basic high school diploma, concierges need to be trained on basic etiquette and management skills. All that need is people needs to be trained on basic skills like inviting and receiving visitors, communication skills, making the first best impression, appropriate dressing manners, basic table settings and handling unusual situations and multitasking. To learn all these, a formal training may not be necessary but an on job training is required to get adapted to the new practices. Also the concierges must learn few more services like Parties or special occasion planning, travel and entertainment arrangements etc. This will help them in their career growth and lead to success. And the most important thing that a person needs to become a successful concierge is patience and positive attitude. While all other skills can be trained, patience and attitude are inner skills which need to be nurtured rather than trained. At the end of the day it is no low job and requires a lot of skills and some training.