Corporate Concierge

Serving corporate clients with utmost dedication, we have established a strong hold in this niche market. The services that we provide in the offices across the country enable people to work in an efficient manner, without any hassles. We offer the following corporate services:

  • Maintenance of building
  • Cleaning of premises
  • Fixing Electrical problems
  • Window washing
  • Catering and mess service
  • Corporate travel and ticket bookings
  • Hotel reservations
  • Event management for corporate parties
  • Entertainment and relaxation
  • Accounts handling
  • Tax services
  • Car rental
  • Procurement and maintenance of stocks

Apart from this exhaustive list of services, we can provide any other service that offices require. Since we have a trained staff, we are able to offer high quality service in corporate surroundings. Timeliness and trustworthiness have earned reputation for us, and our clients rely on us for all services.

You can hire any of the above mentioned services independently or take them as a package. We have various bundle packages on which we offer discounts. To know about these attractive offers, please contact our service managers.